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Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
Depends on the women. . . . if you have a brain and find the right girl, you can have your fun as well.
It really comes down to this, plus what others here are saying about how you act.

If you marry someone who doesn't respect you, then don't expect her to support your hobby. If you let your hobby consume your life or lead you down a fiscally irresponsible path, don't expect her to support your hobby. On the other hand, if you find a woman that shows she cares about you through her actions (not words), and you do the same to her, communicate with her and show that you are responsible with your hobby, then you should be fine.

The thing you have to be prepared for when you're married (and particularly if you are thinking about kids) is that in order to pursue your hobbies you almost surely will have to make some sacrifices and intelligent financial and tactical decisions. This may mean that you won't be able to replace your car with the latest model (see my sig), but that may be one of the things you have to do to convince the wife to let you buy a dedicated track car.
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