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Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
Depends on the women. I'm not married but my girlfriend enjoys my cars and respects my passion for it. She is happy to take trips in it, etc. BUT you have to be smart with your time, if you ignore one will be happy.

oh, and kids can ride in fast cars as long as your not an idiot driving it. Gf has a 6 year old daughter who loves the 'Red Dragon' and loves the roller coaster feel of a high TQ turbo car. Always screaming "more more more...faster faster faster....again again again."

BUT, again, be smart, dont put any kids in danger.

if you have a brain and find the right girl, you can have your fun as well.

trip to Canaan Valley, WV last year...what amazing roads!
I have made the important part bold, and the real improtant part underlined. All girlfriends love and support what you enjoy, wives do not. As soon as they get a ring the get much more empowered and entitled.

For example, my brother's girlfriend enjoyed boating/water sports and camping, his wife (the same woman) NEVER WENT, NOT ONCE.

As others have said, the REALLY big changes come with kids. I have a 10 month old and I have had a bit of difficulty adjusting to my 'new' life, I am hoping to recaputre a bit more of my 'old' life and there are positive signs.