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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
I can respect that response.

For protein (for me): loads of red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, whole milk, PB, etc.

I also crush Chipotle Burritos and Subway like no tomorrow.

However I do not count cals; it would drive me insane (and I party too much).

Me 3 weeks ago 5'9 162:

Some pics from my meals:

Bison Burger

Pre-Workout Meal:
looks like your about 14% bodyfat, i have no problem eating like that and staying at 13%
to get down to the 9% I am now i had to clean it up and reduce calories.
I am now eating about 1500-1800 cals a day as i am still cutting trying to get to 8% by summer, and keep as much muscle as I can. The less salt you have the less water you hold which also makes you look leaner.
my diet consists of
2eggs cooked in olive oil
protein shack

snack 1: bananna,
nuts and raisins up to lunch

lunch: chicken breast and .5 cup of brown rice

optional snack 2: either nuts and raisins or a TBL spoon of peanut butter

dinner: chicken breast and .5 cup of brown rice

optional snack 3: protein pudding and a glass of milk.
weekends i eat normal, but keep calories under 2500.
this diet helps me lose fat pretty quickly

for my exercise routine, i do very little cardio, but am starting to run more like 2 miles on saturday.
I following a heavy powerlifting style workout working all my muscle groups, lifting about 2 times a week, but will go back up to 4 days a week once i break from school.

last summer i bulked up to 195lbs @14%, then cut down to 180lbs at 10% by the end of fall, rebulked up this winter to 200lbs @13%, now am at 183lbs @9%, trying to get to 8% by summer, then will slow bulk up to 190lbs hopefully at no more then 11%. I am 5'8"

diet is very important, but if you dont have any muscle there, which most dont at 140ish lbs, your abs arent going to be that sharp.
I do heavy ab work, like incline situps with a 50lb dumbbell or other exercises that are heavy. I also do deep heavy squats which helps the abs.
with my at 14% my abs show better then some at 12%