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Need Asian Translation of Tattoo

Long story (may skip if not interested)

My friends have been hooking me up with some girls.
One of my friends was telling me about some chick he thinks I could get along with in a relationship manner (not sure I want that yet) but he says that she's a good match.
So he showed me some pics of her and I noticed she had a tattoo with kanji on her neck in two pics.

Now, Tatts are cool and all, but I doubt I could actually date some chick who thinks she got a tatt that says "Spirit of Fire" or whatever and in reality it says "Blue Picnic Table" or some shit.

so I ask of OT to be my translator (I don't know which language she wrote it in)

And no, of course this won't defer me from banging her, and I'll upload pix if things don't work out between me and her (I get a feeling a lot of ppl will be rooting for me to fail!)

The tatt:

and as per usual, payment for services: