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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Really??? You think the average 20 something can afford a $60k car? Maybe if you have a decent job and live at home with no expenses and put all of your money towards car payments that would be the case. Most early-mid 20 somethings arent even earning $60k a year - how are they supposed to buy an M3?
I'm 23 and recently graduated, I started my career in economic consulting and am making good money for my age (~70k) with absolutely no expenses (live at home, no debt). However it is still hard for me to swallow the cost of even a USED M3. I've been seeing all these threads about kids just finishing college and expecting to buy an M3 out of college, most of them are just not thinking realistically. Spending a large portion of your salary (assuming you find a half-way decent job) on a depreciation asset is just about the worst thing you can do straight out of college.