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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
Are you asking me what specific food I consider a good source of protein?

McDonalds French Fries have no transfats or sugar. Thoughts?
Yeah I was interested in what foods you would eat to get protein for building muscle.

McDonalds french fries? Well I know I like to eat them! I wouldn't say they are a food you should never eat, but I'd be pretty careful about eating 500 calories (large serve) from one serve because you chomp it down and you don't usually feel satisfied. That kinda makes it hard to meet your daily calories.

Even their self reporting shows they contain saturated fats (3.5g) out of 25g of fat. And 350mg of sodium. So if I wanted to be lean I'd steer clear, but in general I'd consider a large serve of those to be something I'd eat every now and then if I felt like it. I'd have to re-arrange my daily calories to fit in though, if you follow my drift.

And if I used 500 calories on those, and out of that I got 6 g of protein, then I'd be thinking to myself .. where am I going to get the rest of that day's protein without eating too many calories.

I guess you have to balance being flexible with trying to eat as well as possible to support your goals. If you're interested in building a better body then I'm not sure McDonalds is top of your list. On the other hand it's not healthy to fixate too much either and a serve of fries once every now and then might give you a taste that allows you to eat well most of the time.
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