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I did it for 2 years. Bloodwork/urine every 3 months to confirm status of all hormones.
It's not a simple thing to do, every hormone interacts with your natural production and other hormones in your body.

For that reason you end up having to supplement hormones you might not think are required. For example once your testosterone levels rise you need more Thyroid and Cortisol.

I used:
+ Growth hormone
+ Testosterone
+ Thyroid
+ Cortisol
+ Melatonin
+ Chrysin
+ Finasteride
+ Vitamin D3

The results I saw were bloodwork confirming my hormone status for al these were above a 21 year old male in good health. My testosterone level was 330+% of the normal maximum range.

As anyone who has used steroids knows, when you have a lot of testosterone your body will convert to E2 or DHT. Since I didn't want tits or to go bald I used Finasteride to block conversion to DHT and Chrysin to block conversion to E2. They worked well, however I did not use levels of testosterone comparable to athletes or bodybuilders use with steroids.

After about 12 months I got the specific doses of all these hormones right in my body with great SHBG levels and suppressed conversion to DHT and E2. Everything was great. I then stayed on that protocol for another 12 months.

Once my IGF-1 levels were off the charts I developed carpal tunnel like syndrome in my right wrist, which is a common issue with growth hormone. I then stopped the injections for about 3 months and started up again.

At the 24 month mark I evaluated my situation. My bloodwork and urine tests confirmed my hormone status was fantastic but I felt EXACTLY the same as before I started on all this. So I gradually reduced the doses of all hormones and over 3 months stopped them altogether. I feel exactly the same today as I did at the peak of my experiment.

I was 42 when I started it and that means I was not a great candidate. Men produce less and less testosterone as they get older. If you're say 55-60 and you got on the protocol you might experience a great improvement in overall feeling of wellbeing, given you might have low test levels.

Personally I gave it a shot and it did nothing for me. It's also very expensive and requires a lot of hassle each day with injections, pills, creams etc. A pain in the ass. Also I hate having bloodwork taken but get used to it if you want to be safe. Also some of the hormone tests are 24 hour urine tests so you have to lug a 5 litre bottle of piss around with you for a full day.

The Thyroid supplementation that I need to support the testosterone levels increased my resting heart rate. I am a runner so my RHR was 50 bpm and increased to 65+ bpm. My running zone was 150-165 bpm and this increased 15-20 bpm because of the T3/T4 which is a real pain. Makes running hard work.

The test increased my blood pressure as well from 105/62 to 125/72.

Lastly Chrysin made me get these weird muscular aches on the odd occasion which felt like a less acute but still very painful cramp. Once I got off it they stopped.

After I cycled off all the stuff all my bloodwork came back to the levels they were before I started. My resting heart rate came back down and blood pressure, etc. So basically it's totally reversible.

Happy to answer any specific questions and sorry to burst anyone's bubble. I've tried it and I think it's a load of shit.
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