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Originally Posted by ed335d View Post
As per title, how many miles are you getting out of brake discs/pads?

While I appreciate it very much depends on driving style, I'm just wondering as mine seem to be lasting a very long time.

I bought the M in Feb 2010 with 15.5k miles on it and was told that it was mainly used as a commute-to-the-station car, so I assume that it had the original discs/pads.

I've now put 20k miles on it in 14 months and the iDrive is still predicting 10k & 13k miles left for front and rear (although it was showing about the same as this in October).

Or am I just driving it wrong?
Ed, on your motorway commute you need to start driving like a cock. Lower your vision so that you look 10m in front of your bonnet and you will become good friends with the brake pedal and your local BMW expert