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Originally Posted by DCC View Post
After giving all of this some does appear to me that the OP retrofitted mechanical parts for the USDM ZCP components to his non ZCP car. But there is still that last bit of EDC programing that is part of the ZCP package that is left out...Now whether one can really tell the difference between the different EDC settings (non-ZCP vs ZCP) on street driving remains to be confirmed.
I wonder why BMW didn't offer the non-EDC ZCP set up in the US like the one that was offered in Japan, that would have given them more of a margin, unless the ZCP EDC is really that much better for the car.
There is a small article on BMW Mpower website re the ZCP / Competition EDC settings. I recall that standard EDC modes are fixed whereas for the Competition they are dynamic like in the Jaguar XFR model. I would assume therefore, that the difference would be noticeable on bumpy roads.