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wow- thanks guys for the replies. I have to dig up a diagram tonight and I will go the sump pump draining route. I will just jack the car up, put it on stands and go for it.

I *think* it is almost a quart over. I should have read on here to let the computer sensor to adjust properly. What I did was first add a quart as it said, then drove around and the sensor only went up halfway (the next day). So, I assumed I should put in another quart to get it to the top- this was clearly not the case. I topped it off again and the next day I got the warning, which was yesterday.

Again, thank you all for the replies!
Wow, that's a lot of oil. I went through a bit of an oil issue myself recently and my understanding that is that, when the oil is at or near empty, the computer will prompt you to add, at maximum, 1 additional quart. The owner's manual seems to confirm this.

Mine was essentially empty, I added maybe 7/8th a quart, and it now registers as being practically full. At more than double this volume, you have drastically over-filled. The owner's manual was pretty explicit in stating that if and when over-filling occurs, the excess oil needs to be drained ASAP as severe damage can result.

I'm not a mechanic, and don't know anything beyond what the manual tells me, but if I were you, I would minimize all driving until the oil situation is resolved (if you can't drain yourself, call Roadside Assistance, they'd probably tow for you).