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my PS3 60 gig originally bought for 600 bux when they first came out went strong for a year and a half... then the blueray player took a shit. No discs could be read anymore... so I did what anybody would do and looked on youtube on how to take this bitch apart and install a new blueray drive... did that and it worked again for another year perfectly. Then it overheated and died again. Wouldn't start up ... so i did what anybody would do and opened that bitch up again and stripped it down to the heat exchanger and cleaned it and put new thermal paste on the cores agian... that worked for a couple days and it died again... Fuck that now i'm getting pissed and walked out to gamestop and bought a new slim version. 7 months later the blueray player died... like Yesterday and now i'm full fucking circle except i'm still in warrentee range, so i'm going to send this back to Sony for a new one. Instead of wanting to play games on it again i'm just going to upgrade my pc - already took my black ops to gamestop and exchanged it for the pc version. /rant