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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
No, because that is not how BMW designed it to work. The system is designed to be reset any time you add new oil. It is not designed to detect new oil. Also, as I said, the interval is not based solely on this, fairly simple, sensor. The sensor is merely one measurement that it takes into account.

If the low quality oil resulted in higher levels of conductive material in the oil, then the sensor should communicate that to whatever governing algorithm is monitoring it resulting in a reduction in the miles to the next oil change. Of course, I have yet to see any document that defines the specifics of the monitoring or the algorithm, so exactly how it will work is speculation.
I hit this thread by accident (signed off of it because of you), and can't believe the BS you're spewing man. Not that I think anybody here believe your story full of contradictions, but how about starting with WHERE this elusive sensor is and its part number?

I'm off this thread for good now, as I'm putting you in my ignore list, so won't read any of this crap by accident again. You should write a novel man. Good day.