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One is a cardiologist and another is a general surgeon who is branching out. They have both practiced for several years, so they are not new grads. Their credibility is not in question. There are actually medical conferences and symposia addressing anti-aging therapies all of the time.
Of course anything can hurt you no matter who is recommending it. This is not the point of this thread.

There is a lot of research into the effects, both beneficial and detrimental, of GH and Test. Like with anything else, you will always have people who go to the extremes: is some is good, then 1000x normal dose will be better.
What I am trying to discern is if anyone has actually gone in for the lab work and been put on the supplementation, and what they saw as a result.
Small doses of GH have been shown to be very beneficial. And for men with low testosterone, supplementation to normative values has been very beneficial as well.