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Anyone tried *Anti-aging Therapy*?

Two different doctors here have started up these "Anti-aging" or "Wellness" centers that are designed to supplement hormones but under doctor supervision. So instead of buying GH, Test, or anabolic steroids from local shady bodybuilder, you can have a complete blood profile drawn and have legal prescriptions for these agents, usually GH and Test. Of course, your levels need to be low, but they are physiologically lower for every male after 3o.
One of the guys is a friend of mine and mentions it everytime I see him.
Just curious if anyone else has gone through one of these "programs."
Im 36 so I know that the levels will be low enough to get started, but there are not too many people here that have done it or willing to talk about it.
Illegal stuff is easy to get but not worth the risk.
Considering this is much easier if you have a doctor with his license on the line and not mine