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Oil level too high- need to get it drained @ dealer?

Hey guys,
I posted in the maintenance sub-forum, but didn't get any answers. I accidently topped off the oil too high, so the car is giving me the warning that I need to contact a service provider. This seems like an easy, quick fix- just drain a bit of oil out and I should be on my way right? I called two dealers, and one wants $150 and another $168. Unless there is something really complicated about this car, isn't this like a 10 minute process to get the car on the lift, unscrew the oil release, and let some out? The second guy, who was a complete d-bag on the phone, kept repeating $168 even though I asked him multiple times what that is for. He said 1hr of work, I said isn't it 2 minutes of work? He said he is charging as much as an oil change. I figured it was going nowhere after I repeated multiple times that I just need a minor drain of less than a quart, so I let him go.

Anyway, if that really is the going rate, I will suck it up and pay it. I just think its a bit ridiculous to pay $150-170 for 5 minutes of labor Any thoughts? Is there anywhere else I can get this done safely? I would actually prefer that because with the dealer is always a long process...

I need to get this done asap as I already drove 35 miles or so like this (the warning only came up after 20 miles of driving, and it was too late to go to the dealer).


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