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Ay Caramba! 20 miles!
They need ZERO miles to confirm the car has enough oil.
Techs replace engine oils numerous times a day and they should know how much to fill back in.
For oil to circulate they need to have the engine running. No need to have the wheels spinning too!?!
I just filed a complained to BMW USA regarding this abuse from the techs. Hopefully some directive is created and sent out to correct this.

BTW, the last service I had I placed a dab of white paint on the rear tire thread. This is to catch them if they try to lay some rubber on the road.
Car came back with paint intact. Peace of mind

Originally Posted by M3RMA View Post
20 miles....really...that is bullshit, they can drive it around the block if they have to in order to confirm oil level after service. Between start up and a run around the block provides plenty of time. In order to get an accurate reading it requires the engine to run for a few minutes, in no way shape or form does it require the car to be driven that long or that distance.
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