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Hey guys, how dangerous is it to drive with the oil level too high? I had oil level at the minimum, so I added a quart as it stated neccesary, but the oil sensors showed that it only went up midway (between min and max). This was a day later. So I decided to add another quart, and now today it showed that its over the max. I wish this car just had a normal dipstick! I guess the reading after the first top off wasn't accurate. I have driven approx. 20 miles with the oil at this level, and I need to drive another 30 before I can get to the dealer- is it safe to do so? I was told by a buddy of mine to just drive cautiously and shift early...
Guys the dealer wants $148 just to drain some of the oil out- is this normal or are they trying to rip me a new one? Isn't it just a simple process- get the car on the lift, open the gasket from the bottom, let a bit drain, and done? 8 minutes of work at the most, no??
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