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Wow! El Segundo one rocks! I went there two Thursdays ago. So spacious and the newest self car wash equipment I've used. Some hooligans in a raised pickup truck were blasting Power106 while washing so I got a nice soundtrack in the background to keep me moving.

When you are in OC, the Bristol/Baker Cheveron's touchless wash is the best in its class IMHO.

Before dropping the M off in Munich, I used a touchless wash at a gas station around the corner from the drop-off zone. It was the length of a trailer truck and it was sublime! Haven't found anything as good in SoCal yet.

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Yea Crenshaw/Carson is pretty far out of the way for me too. MDR is the closest to me, but I'd rather drive an extra 5 mins to get to the El Segundo one. It has either 7 or 8 stalls.

And I agree with one of your earlier responses...I'll hit up a touchless drive through wash when I'm desperate(feeling lazy). HAHA. Still going to the same one I suggested on the thread you started.

Let me know when you decide to try the El Segundo one. I need to wash soon. If I'm avail... I'm down to go with.