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Originally Posted by Navin323i View Post
All these blues are really nice (particularly MCB), but I'm a red guy and will wind up going with my favorite color of all time for my soon-to-be-ordered E92 M3... Melbourne Red.

OP... you mentioned early on in your thread "RIP Estoril Blue"... what was that in reference to? Do you no longer have your E46 M3 or has the color itself been discontinued?

I've been a huge fan of your Estoril Blue E46 M3 for quite sometime by the way... nice car!
my car is still running in perfect condition but the estoril blue color will never be seen again they discontinued it after e36 and only allowed a few e46's to be individually ordered. i think it has something to do with it being a solvent based paint and not water based and its harmful to make or some stupid reason. that being said Monte carlo blue is like 95% similar to estoril. its a very good remake. i think it has slightly less depth and in certain light you can tell its metallic depth is different and looks darker/more of a matte? hard to describe really. i spoke with an individual e92 owner and he said bmw will not make this color no matter what. id prefer estoril over mcb but would have no problem settling for MCB bcuz it is still gorgeous and like i said 95% similar