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Originally Posted by accordingi2ime View Post
I knew it was going to happen... my 5th xbox elite died on me.
I am out of warranty and my purchased 2 year extended warranty from best buy has past.

So now I am shopping for new game console. I don't know if I should get another xbox or go ps3. I already have lot of games and accessories for xbox so final cost is going to be cheaper but I don't know if I should with all the problems I had with previous gen.

Your thoughts. How reliable are PS3? I mainly use the console for media streaming. Should I just build a media pc? Are new xbox's any more reliable than the old one?

go to best buy and play any shooter on the ps3 and tell me you want to buy one. i got a ps3 late last year and so far it's been used for nothing more than GT5 and the occasional blu-ray movie. i'm looking for another game but everytime i use those controllers i'm put off. they're too small imo
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