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As many know, this is the replacement for the PS2 and will be hitting the market next month. I spoke to the largest Michelin dealer in the area that I know personally and was told that not only does the Super Sport outperform the PS2 in every way, it has a 30,000km (maybe 50k, I can't remember now) tread warranty (unusual in this category) and is CHEAPER than the PS2!! Sounds like a winning combo... this will be the tire I run on my new Morr VS8.2.

This will likely be a VERY good compromise for those wanting a relatively comfortable DD tire but with better track capabilities for HPDE's. Michelin told the dealer that the Super Sport will be in between the PS2 and Sport Cup on the track performance wise but over 50% more tread life. Not, that I get excited about tires normally but gotta say I'm pretty excited!

Here is a recent article I found...

MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport Technology

Six key areas in which the Michelin Pilot Super Sport outperforms its predecessor.

March 02, 2011

In-house tests performed at the Michelin Technology Center identified six key areas in which the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport outperforms its predecessor, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport PS2, which until now was the segment benchmark:

These spectacular advances ensure that the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport's outstanding safety performance meets the highest standards in the most demanding driving conditions.

With a design inspired by Michelin's racing tires, the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport integrates the most innovative technologies.

Ceinture TwaronŽ - A high-density fibre used in cutting-edge equipment for such sports as tennis, sailing and mountain biking - as well as in aeronautics, protective military gear and motorsports - TwaronŽ provides the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport with superior high-speed stability.

Thanks to its variable tension, the belt tightens the tread more than the shoulders. As a result, centrifugal force is more effectively overcome and pressure is more evenly distributed.

A key feature of TwaronŽ is its high grip-resistance. Strong and light at the same time, TwaronŽ is five times more resistant than steel at equivalent weight.

Bi-Compound tread - Originally developed for racing tires, this technological innovation uses different rubber compounds on the left and right sides of the tread.

On the outside, a unique, carbon black-reinforced elastomer (developed specifically for the 24 Hours of Le Mans) ensures exceptional endurance when corners are tight.

On the inside, a latest-generation, high-grip elastomer enables the tire (on wet surfaces) to break through the water's surface and adhere to even the slightest irregularity in the road.

Variable contact patch 2.0 - Thanks to the latest digital simulation software used in the aeronautics and automobile industries, pressure and consequently temperatures are spread evenly across the tire's contact patch. Although the patch's shape changes when cornering, the amount of rubber in contact with the road remains the same.

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