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Pre-LCI E90 tails, LED & errors

Hoping someone with electrical experience can chime in... I bought a set of LED tailliaghts from JleviSW late last year and installed them. Initial tests seemed fine, then a neighbor called me and told me the brake lights weren't working. I ordered the $15 anti-flicker module that was supposed to 'cure all' but they didn't come with any instructions or any clue as to how to install.

So I uninstalled the LED lights and put the stock lights back in. Two bulbs on the passenger side blew immediately. Replaced them. Now I'm getting an error that the Stage Two bulb on the passenger side is out... along with a driver's side malfunction (the ambient light that illuminates when you unlock the car isn't coming on). Bulbs are all okay. Stopped by the dealer last week and they told me an appointment is necessary. They said the LEDs are malfunctioning... but I don't see LEDs anywhere in the taillight, only good old fashioned bulbs. Anyone know if my electrical is hosed and if it could be the result of a part I've since uninstalled? What types of things can I do to troubleshoot, maybe repair on my own? TIA
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