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DCT Issues Transmission Fault

I have been experiencing alot of problems with my car lately.. Dont know exactly what the problem is... My car is a 2009 Convertible

When I drive the car on D it wont shift properly.. When shifting from any gear to another it jerks and cuts power completely for about 4 seconds then power comes back and car takes off until the next gear change and same thing happens again.. A Light came on saying Transmission Fault..

When I took it to BMW Dealership they hooked it up to the computer and said two things.. Under transmission fault it states that the drivers chair is not plugged in.. the other problem is Footwell Module 2 states malfunction.. They tried deleting codes and however nothing changed... they ordered me a new Footwell Module however they dont know what could be messing the transmission...

Now when researching the footwell module it says that it mainly controls lights, power mirrors, and windows.. so I doubt it has anything to do with the problem.

The message under transmission fault states drivers chair missing.. now my drivers chair isnt working properly because I think one of the wire got torn while installing new subs.. however what does that have to do with the transmission failure !

Also would downpipes have anything to do with it? I installed new super sprint downpipes maybe a couple of weeks before it started having these issues

Has anyone ever experienced this type of lagging or jerking in his DCT?

2010 M35i (Complete M3 with Tuned Twin Turbo inline 6)