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"Pinging" noise coming from my TC Kline suspension

Last October, I had a TC Kline suspension installed and the performance improvements have been phenomenal. (Here's a link describing my upgrade: However, I live in the upper midwest and since early December, I've been getting consistent clicking/pinging noises from my front suspension whenever I turn my wheel. When I asked my tech about the pinging, his response was: "Yup, I've noticed the same on my M in the past. The front springs, when they're cold, don't twist around in their mounts as easily." 1) IS THIS NORMAL AND 2) WILL IT GO AWAY?!?

Last week, the temp finally hit 60 degrees, so I decided to take my E92 M3 for a spin. With the warmer temps, I thought perhaps the "pinging" sound would have decreased (or stopped altogether) but, unfortunately, it didn't. Any thoughts/reactions? Does it need to be above a certain temp for the pinging to go away? Everyone that rides with me always comments on it. It's rather annoying.

Also, does the TC Kline suspension typically ride more harsh in the winter? Either my local roads have gotten much worse, or the suspension rides much more harsh when it's frigid outside. We recently switched over to the softest setting which went a long way to address the harshness.