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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
Is this stuff sold anywhere other than at BMW dealerships? If so, I can't seem to locate it. Any recommendations would be appreciated (not looking for online vendors; would like to get it today, if possible).

Needless to say, lesson learned - the oil light activated after a 2 hour drive into no man's land. The nearest dealer is 42 miles away but, unfortunately, is closed on Sundays. The owner's manual indicates that I have about 120 miles or so but I don't want to push it. I've tried the obvious candidates - random gas stations, Autozone, etc. but unfortunately no luck (the Autozone guy literally asked, "What is that even for?" haha).

Any suggestions? I may just have to wait it out until Monday morning to head to the dealership.

Roadside assistance, btw, was not helpful.
bmw dealer was the only place i could find it. when i go on long trip a top off and take a liter with me. my dealer did say you can use an alternate just in case you are in exactly what u are in. 10w 50 i think but ask your dealer