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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Shogun copped a lot of damage early on and Jones didn't hesitate with his attacck. He really damaged Shogun when he got him on the ground and Shogun never looked the same afterwards. I need to watch the fight again but it looked like Jones was tired at the end of the first round and he could have finished Shogun but he didn't. I'm surprised Shogun lasted as long as he did, he showed plenty of heart but never looked like he had a chance.

That's interesting. Dana mentioned in an interview that the camps were the ones putting the idea in the fighters heads that they shouldn't fight each other because one of them would have to leave camps and that would mean less money. I'm sure GJ's camp would choose Jones over Rashad though.

Thanks. Been a fan of Jones since he came into the UFC...probably one of the few newer fighters worth watching IMO. I thought that might be the case but was hoping it wasn't Shogun coming in soft.

I agree about your statement on Jones being tired at the end of the 1st. Shogun was clearly in trouble, but Jones didn't take the initiative to finish him.