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As Krnnerdboy mentioned, if you are looking for flat all out speed, go with a vet or the like. But, if you want a car that will turn heads, will be a blast every time you get behind the wheel, and have people asking "what is that" then go with the z4mc. Like you, I was thinking of a 335i for a long time, but after test driving one then the other, it was clear the z was the way to be. The z4mc is one of the best decisions I've ever won't be disappointed.

Regarding price and year, the main reason I'd go with an 07 over an 06 is the warrantee factor. However, that is nearing a moot point unless you are thinking of a CPO. The 06 lacks an aux input (ipod integration), but can be put in with little trouble. I would go with a low milage vehicle that has a great mechanical history, and checks out well on pre purchase inspection vs a specific year.

Good luck, and have fun in your decision!

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