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Originally Posted by 742 View Post
Nothing unconventional. This is fully in line with the understanding of those who actually have been to China and those who seriously watch it. That this should be a surprise to anyone is yet another example of the shallow, simplistic and manipulated crap that passes for “news” in the United States.

Fact is that the economic growth is limited to the Eastern coast. Fact is that the Communist Party control of the country is weak in many locations. Fact is that the PLA is a big player often independent of the central government.

Another hidden fact is that American military technology passes to China through Israel. Witness the J-10 fighter and the air to air missiles under the wings of the fighters that intercepted the EP-3.

I aggravate my financial advisory by refusing to put any money into mutual funds that have anything to do with China.

Bit of a spleen vent, I hope it does not come off as critial of the OP.
I did not take it as criticism but I think you misinterpreted my description of it as unconventional. As you point out, it is not what is normally heard in the US or western media.

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