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I filled out two brackets. One with tOSU winning it all and another with Duke winning it all. I am not worried so much about our depth, more worried about 1) us going cold shooting the ball, 2) if Sully, Lighty, and/or Buford getting into foul trouble (I guess that is the concern about depth mentioned above), and 3) playing Syracuse in New Jersey and then facing Duke immediately after. Especially now with Irving back in the mix. Once the 2nd round hits, there are no more upsets. Ranking, seeding, and stats mean nothing once its down to 32 teams. Its all about who shows up, plays solid on both ends of the court, stays out of fould trouble, and has things go there way. Hell, George Mason scares me...

And why does no one belive in the Buckeyes? The B1G was by far, the best conference overall this season. Everyone said the Big East was the best this year and last. And only one team made it to the second round last year. And the ACC is still UNC and Duke...just curious why they still get no love.