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Old thread revived!

Originally Posted by stega View Post
Wait... The different colored calipers were weird. But are you really running different style wheels on each side? I don't get it...

Edit: I read your explanation for the wheels above. And while I understand what your saying/doing it looks ridiculous. Sure when you see the car at a stoplight it may look fine but overall as a "whole car" its gross/disgusting.

This is fairly old... DID NOT REALIZE THIS...
I respect your opinion and I wanted to do something different as there is so much of the same mods out there. Regardless I think it's cool to have two different looks to the car. There are people that get it and there are people that don't. There are people that love it and there are people that hate it!

BTW the car looks completely different now. Search for some of IND's customer cars and you'll see.
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