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Drives: AW '09 E92 M3 DCT
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bye bye E46 - hello E92! (norway content) SFW!

Old 46 off for delivery, crazy Norwegian prices - gave me about 90,000USD back for this '02 SMG!

now..just start browsing for a new sled...I guess I had in total 5 to choose from! ahaha

'08 MT with pretty much all options ( I think!)

Yes please! color looked so awesome live, and M Specific too! nice!

managed to get a pretty fair price - car belonged to a soccer pro who went to a NY team and wanted to get rid of it. about 30k on the clock.
Fair price means about 150.000USD here for this ride...

Decided to pick it up on this winters worst day so far..3ft fresh that day...(on 275/35/19 Dunlop Winter 3D..)

time for some gas on the way home...first of many stops it seems...

finally home after 550 miles in mellow conditions...not really..
time for a quick clean!

wanted to replace the chrome grille right away - suits the black window trim much better IMO
..freakin roads we have here - tow-hook cover lost somewhere in the mountains...

gave'er a little TLC with some Acrylic Jett from Werkstadt for some added protection and a litte shine

so far im super impressed - totally different car than the 46...but once I get the summers on and play with the EDC settings I think its gonna be pretty close to the 46 in terms of

OEM ZCP's on order from EAS - cant wait!

thanks for looking!