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not trying to be rude but can you explain why? i've never done it myself but i have a few friends who have and only 1 had some problems, i've also read a lot of good stuff about the whole process
Let me just say this, you get what you pay for. The mac pro case itself is worth $500 to me. 8DIMM slots, 4 hard drive bays that take less than a minute to change. Incredible silence even when all 8 CPUs are running at peak. Never over heats. Any problems you have Apple will take care of.

With a custom built rig you're gonna throw all that peace of mind out. If something goes wrong, you can't contact anyone about it because the OS you're running is made by hackers. I'm not sure about this but I don't think you can update the system automatically. You gotta download each build and install it over your OS because of incompatibility with drivers.

The only benefit is price. If a couple of hundred bucks is worth the headache, then go for it. I guess if you're not gonna do any pro work on it, then its ok, but if you are don't even think about it.