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Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
Went to the track today only to realize me LC wasn't working. Everytime I'd get to the line I'd engage LC and rev the car, but then it would start rolling. I don't recall the car doing this before.
If you are not on a flat surface, the car's gonna roll. As you know, you have to have your foot off the brake to get LC to engage, and there is no automatic mechanism that keeps you from rolling forward. It doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with your car, it was just the track. If you go try and do a launch with LC on a flat stretch of road today, it will most likely work fine.

But yeah, it's too bad BMW's LC implementation for the M3 does not let you hold the car with the brake. As I recall it, they made the LC for the 335is simpler, though I don't remember if you can use the brake or not. Hopefully the M5 and future implementations allow you to hold with the brake using your left foot and launch it by simply letting off.
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