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Originally Posted by aus View Post
OP. Great pics. Who took the pics? If it was the pro guy at the track, I'd think they'd get a few panning shots.

Which Skip Barber did you do? I've read they basically do a car control clinic for the first course, which is not what I'm interested in doing for that price.
I did the Advanced Race Program and then a couple of race weekends ... that was years ago, but I doubt the program has changed much ... maybe the instructors are different.

I remember them holding the car control clinic at the same time .... it was not impressive since it was in the infield parking lot with cones and water ....good for super-noobs I suppose... to learn basic car physics.
But the Formula Race Program is awesome ...the cars are not the best examples - but they are setup very equal - and you quickly realize where u are in the food chain.