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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
mastek, i've been considering this kit of late... do you know how much lower i'd be able to get my zcp suspension using this kit?

truth be told i'd be buying the c/o kit primarily for its aesthetics, and the fact that it retains edc, but since i live in LA i can't always keep my car that low. i like that i'd be able to retain EDC while having the adjustability of a coilover kit.

do you have any thoughts on whether this GC kit would serve my purpose well and what kind of a drop I could get out of this kit as compared to a stock zcp suspension? also what are your thoughts about this suspension now all these months later?

thanks in advance,
There is a point with this car where you go too low and your handling characteristics suffer.
The beauty of the GC Kit is adjustability - if your wanting to accomplish slightly lower then ZCP height ....then this kit can do that.
Its when you get into the "dumped" look that your car's handling will suffer.
I have been very happy with this kit for over 8 months now ... and I plan on keeping it for my daily driving.
IMHO, if you want to lower the car, and improve handling, yet retain daily usable comfort -- get the GC Kit --
If you are looking for better handling, then the KW Clubsport Kit .... after that you are building a race suspension.

Let me know if you need this kit installed in SoCal - I would highly recommend a shop in Arcadia that works very close with GC and they installed my kit + after install support.
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