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Originally Posted by Bweezy311 View Post
How many of you played battlefield 1942 that started it all or battlefield 2? BF2 is still awesome IMO. I just might have to reinstall it again.
Personally I haven't entirely liked the feel of BC2 or MoH MP but I only played MoH for a couple hours and BC2 demo. Everything just seems too tiny to see. When you play COD a lot you're use to the people being bigger.
Started playing 1942 when I was 12 I think. Best gaming of my life.

Originally Posted by boymonkey View Post
So with BF3 coming out and recent release of Shogun: Total War 2, I need to get a new machine this year. (I'm a huge BF2 and BF2142 fan.) Is it a good idea to get an iMac and run Windows on it? Or am I better off getting a PC?
(I'm currently using a macbook because I need that for work. I'm basically wondering if iMac is good for gaming.)
Definitely get a PC.