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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
A susepnsion modded e46m3 is faster around most any road course then a same suspension modded e9xm3 (except a 12 mile variable like the Nordschleife)

My OE e90m3 was at 3630 without fuel and driver = so that's OVER 3800 lbs. STOCK
I modded my car with what's in the sig down to 3450 and I can tell you that 200 lbs in this car, with this kind of inertia, on these road courses, makes only 1-2 seconds difference in lap times.
So I will repeat, NO ONE has done under 1.50 with an OE e9xm3 at Infineon/Sears Point with the full carousel. And no one will (unless they strip the car to a race car).
Yes weight is the enemy, but the e90 makes up for it in the power and grip department. You spend a lot of time in the engine's sweet spot at infineon (with the 6 sp manual anyways) which allows for very strong corner exit speeds. 1:50 is definately doable in an M3 with only suspension mods and hopefully I'll put my money where my mouth is this season