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Dumb Cop

On the way home from work today I was pulled over by a PG cop for tinted windows (15%). Yes, they are illegal and I do deserve a ticket for it. After he issues me the ticket, I ask him the tint law. His response is 35% on the sides but no tint at all on the rear. None 0 not even 80%. I've only lived in MD for 3 years and really did not know the law. In CA you could spray paint the rear window black and it is legal. I'm thinking that would look stupid as shit but ok whatever. Next, we told me I have 15 days to correct my fix-it ticket.

Now at home, I keep thinking that is the dumbest law - no rear window tint but you could have 35% on the side. I look up the law - it's actually 35% sides and rear. In addition, the fix-it has to be cleared in 10 day.

WTF! Give me the ticket, but at least tell me the correct information.