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Originally Posted by xsilvor View Post
AW e92 with black wheels and no tint. eldridge and i10 feeder at about 8:30 this morning.

And another fun story... I was at HEB in Cypress after work, and had parked next to (not quite next do... I didn't pull through, he did) a gorgeous black gallardo. Still no sign of the owner as I load my groceries up and get in to my car. Right after I close the door, I see this shape in my window... some dude is running his cart full speed at the side of my car. He pulls up at the last second, gives me a smile and a wave, kinda gallops over to his car and proceeds to unload his groceries in to his lamborghini.

Was a scary/fun experience.
He wasn't charging at you to check out your car...he was charging at you to make sure you don't f-up his car! lol