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Originally Posted by BenDiem View Post
Very nice/Congrats! Could you give us a quick run down on the bike?

Comfort, clutch engagement, brakes, handling, performance, & how it compares to any prvious sport bike you may have owned in the past?

Did you have to pay MSRP?

I'm considering one as well...



Sure I'd be glad to make a comparison although I don't have too many other bikes to compare it to.

My first bike was a Honda CB250, and second was a Honda CB599 Hornet which I still own and ride occasionally. The only other bike I have riden is my buddy's Ducati Streetfighter.

Compared to these bikes the S1000RR is incredibly smooth and quite docile at lower RPMs. However, once you reach 10k RPMS it really screams, unlike anything I have ever ridden and faster than anything I have ever driven. It is the only purchase I have made thus far to date that I have no regrets and I think I've confirmed this by buying a replacement after my first nearly killed me. I missed it that much.

As far as what I paid...on a fully optioned Motorsport, DTC+ABS, and Shift Assist which had a MSRP of $17,125 I paid $500 below MSRP and minus the $1480 Military Credit. BMW FS even took care of me 2x by giving me this offer twice.