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Originally Posted by birdbrain View Post
Guys please do not tell the OP that "if the dealer says its ok, it is ok" In my previous bimmer I KNEW I heard a noise that was not right coming from the engine. It was admittingly subtle but was bothering me knowing it was'nt there before. I had it looked at 3 or 4 times and each time they either said it was fine, or tried to tell me it was a loose plastic piece on the front airdam/brake duct.

Long story short I had my spark plugs changed early just because I like to do way more early maintence then they reccomend and the tech checked the intake manifold as part of the process. Well there fell out one of the DISA valves that was just SITTING flat in the middle of my intake manifold, broken and laying there.

If this was not randomly caught it would have eventually sucked the pin laying beside it into my engine and boom!

If something does not seem right to you-then it probably isn't right. I would just continue to persist and research and do your best to pester them. They really only can diagnosis things if it "throws a code" They are TERRIBLE detectives or trouble shooters unless there is a SIB for it or a code thrown.

I would jack my car up and inspect it myself. Good luck!

thank you for the comments.. and yess i feel like a car like an m3 shouldnt be making clunking noises.. i dont have a jack so i cant lift it up and check nor do i have the mechanical intelligence to know if something was broken.. the car was lifted up once while i had it to install my exhaust but the guy installing didnt say anything was broken.. but of course i didnt mention the clunking to him so he might not have been looking for any broken things..