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A pull to the left on accel could be a toe problem or you may have the car "crabbing" down the track, might want to get it on an alignment rack or do a string alignment to see if you've got a thrust angle issue.

My last post on the thread which definitely is in danger of derailing if I don't shut up:

Mastek - You sound like you spend some time at the track, but you're off on a couple facts.

Spec Miatas do not weigh under 2000lbs. They weigh, at minimum, 2285 with driver. I've been on track in a Spec Miata with T2 E46 M3's and know what they're capable of (4+ seconds a lap faster even at very tight, technical tracks). A modified E92 should be much quicker than a T2 M3. The T2 lap record there is 1:52.5 and that was back in 2006 with a car that is no longer competitive. Maybe nobody has tried yet, but a 1:47 doesn't seem out of the question to me knowing what other cars can run at that track (T1 equivalent). E92 M3 3800lbs? Maybe completely stock with driver and a full tank. My heavier E90 weighed 3666 without driver with a full tank of fuel, completely stock. A modified car should be well below that. A member here is at 3500lbs with driver after a few mods and a rear seat delete. I'm not saying that power is everything, but ask any racer how to go faster around a racetrack and horsepower (power/weight, really) is the first place to look. It doesn't need tuning, it usually doesn't add weight, it doesn't cause you to go slower in one corner than another, you just shorten the time spent between corners. Horsepower isn't everything, but it's a huge, huge part of any car's lap time.

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