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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Without rancor, I disagree. "Dual Clutch" is only meaningful to folks like us, who can get excited by essentially new technology (counting the sophisticated computer control, which separates this design from the old Porsche unit). "Automated manual" is OK. "MultiClutch" might work, although that might also apply to a typical automatic. Come to think of it, "Dual Clutch" might also be used to describe the old Chevy Powerglide two-speed. Something like "AutoStick" would be better from a marketing standpoint. Or even better, "LightningShift" or some such. I'd leave it to the marketing types to come up with a better differentiator, but "DCT" and "DKG" clearly don't conjure up anything of value to a casual buyer.
Whether or not the term is truly descriptive and whether or not a majority of folks understand the jargon is a separate issue. I was only speaking about its overall descriptiveness.

The term is very descriptive especially compared to a lame one like Steptronic. However, I agree that it is not a majority of non-enthusiasts that know exactly what a dual clutch is. To give the term more credit though most folks do know what a clutch is and if a car is described as having 2 of them it will better spark some investigative curiousity, even for the non enthusiast.

On a loosely related note it would be VERY interesting to know what % of M3 owners who have M-DCT know roughly that M-DCT is a twin clutch, parallel manual transmission and roughly how it works. I suppose I don't really want to know that answer.

Great term listing in the post just prior as well! Enjoyed hearing some old ones and many new ones as well.
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