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Originally Posted by infamxkris View Post
thanks.. i think i would know this.. given that i have a license.. [b]this car has different characteristics as other auto cars[\B].. and i was just wondering if it was bad or good for the car.. but thanks for your input, idk what i would have done without you.
Originally Posted by infamxkris View Post
thank you.. ive always seen manual cars do this so i thought it was okay since essentially our cars are pretty much manual cars.. and no i just dont like holding down the brake on long red lights and sometimes i forget im on a slightly uneven road and the car will roll back.. usually i hold the brake after that has happened but it has happened quite a bit and was just wondering if i was wearing anything out.. so is it bad to have the brake depressed on level roads? the car doesnt roll back or move forward..
By now, it should be clear that DCT is not a manual nor a traditional auto.

Originally Posted by infamxkris View Post
so basically i have to hold down the brake the whole time i am at a red light? because if i was to not have it held down i would start to roll back.. and if i dont want to hit the car behind me i would have to gas it a bit.. which would cause wear on the clutch?
So what if it causes extra wear on the clutch. It's normal usage. You don't drive 100% on inclines, do you? Anyhow, just apply the brake 'til you're ready to move forward. Simple.

Originally Posted by jmflukeiii View Post
What????? why do you care? Just put your foot on the brake. Its not bad to hold the brake.....

are you f***ing with us?

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These are the people that are driving on the roads today.
and vote, and reproduce, etc...

Originally Posted by infamxkris View Post
okay seriously you guys are making it sound like i dont know how to drive a car.. this car acts differently than a regular car in certain situations.. whats wrong with asking if its okay to do a certain thing on a car? i mean really?.. where in my post did i say how do i make the car go and how do i make the car stop?.. if half of you guys knew how to read you guys would have gave me an answer similar to this: Dont do it anymore its not good.
now how simple was that?..
Well, the question seems 'so' basic... Besides, this kind of flaming is normal from time to time on various forums. Objectively, though, can't blame ppl for flaming you for this one.
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