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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
forget the guy... what tire shop would do such a thing?!?1
He probably took it to a shop or dealer who kindly explained they couldn't rotate front to rear, but since he was a smart guy he knew that they were idiots and didn't know what they were talking about and just another stealership trying to get him to wear out his tires quicker so they could make more money off his ass.

So he insisted and told all his buddies how smart he was while the dealer / shop heard his condescending tone and argument and just said "f**k it, its not worth arguing, if this idiot wants his car screwed up, he'll get what he wants".

So the car then doesn't handle right, he gets into an accident and turns around and sues the dealer, BMWNA and everyone else he can sue, "because he is right in thinking that its our problem to save him from his own stupidity".........

This is why I feel bad for BMWNA, because they have to appease knowledgeable enthusiasts while implementing a CYA policy to account for all of the idiots out there that need to be told things like "the car can't not be used to off-road" or "you must disengage parking break to drive the car" or "the car can not skirt the laws of physics". Really do feel bad for them.....


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