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Modifcations #14 & 15 - IND matching keyhole, IND full gloss kidney grilles

Hey all,

One thing I've wanted to do all along with this car is keep its look very cohesive. Tiny little details here and there can add up in your perception of a car's overall appearance which is why I decided to make a few tiny and perhaps even barely noticeable modifications. That is unless you're a real M3 enthusiast.

IND's matching keyhole cover was the first step in that process. It's something almost no one would notice, but I just liked how it kept the car's coloration uninterrupted. Simple mod, cost me practically nothing. Thanks to IND on the flawless color match on this.

The next modification was also relatively knit-picky. I previously had settled on BMW OEM Gloss Kidney Grilles. What I wasn't completely in love with about the OEM piece was that only the edges were glossed while the slats came matte. But since many of my car's details were in gloss black (shadowline trim, carbon fiber roof, piano black interior trim, side markers), I felt it would be more cohesive to have a full gloss kidney grilles up front, which is why I asked IND to make me a set. Again, small difference here, but really goes a long way in making the car feel more cohesive thematically. I'm very pleased with the results.

Anyway, here are a few pics. Next mod - Vorsteiner Bootlid.

IND Matching Keyhole Cover



IND Full Gloss Kidney Grilles


OEM BMW Gloss Kidney Grilles (these are gloss around the edge, but have matte slats)


IND Full Gloss Kidney Grilles (these have gloss slats AND gloss edge)


Left - IND Full Gloss , Right - BMW OEM Gloss Edge, Matte Slats

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