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Originally Posted by OldenburgerM3 View Post
before you go all out and think idle valves, it's more likely (and simpler) to assume vapor lock.
I'm not going 'all out', so don't worry. Just wanted to know if the cause could be something that could leave me stranded, that's all. By the way, vapor lock is highly unlikely but possible, I guess; my question then is why it didn't happen before, with higher speeds and ambient temperatures?

Originally Posted by frenchM3dreamer View Post
just to chime in, i have a 6MT as well in my car, and she does that pretty often too... i havent paid attention if it happens more in certain conditions than others, but it seems to be a fairly common "issue" on our side of the internet forum world...
i dont think that helps, really, but i wouldnt go crazy about it just yet...
Hey man, that HELPED A LOT, because at least I know it's something 'normal', as in the car shouldn't do it, but many do, with no problems (the M3 has a lot of weird traits like that, like clunking noises, etc). I've never read about that issue before, so I'm glad you chimed in for others who might experience it as well . I have to say it's possible my car has done this before, but never noticed it, since I usually have the stereo on, plus I'm not constantly glancing at the instruments for the TPMS symbol , like I was on this trip due to my plugged left rear tire.

Having said that, I'm curious what it is. I say it HAS to be the idle valve, but maybe it's just a peculiarity, and not an indication of impending failure. We'll see. Thanks again to all for your contribution. Have a great day.