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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
...The problem with terms like Steptronic is that it is simply a mostly aribitray, concocted word without much intrinsic meaning. You can contrast that against dual clutch transmission, which describes a great deal about the unit.
Without rancor, I disagree. "Dual Clutch" is only meaningful to folks like us, who can get excited by essentially new technology (counting the sophisticated computer control, which separates this design from the old Porsche unit). "Automated manual" is OK. "MultiClutch" might work, although that might also apply to a typical automatic. Come to think of it, "Dual Clutch" might also be used to describe the old Chevy Powerglide two-speed. Something like "AutoStick" would be better from a marketing standpoint. Or even better, "LightningShift" or some such. I'd leave it to the marketing types to come up with a better differentiator, but "DCT" and "DKG" clearly don't conjure up anything of value to a casual buyer.