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Originally Posted by asw19 View Post I DONT take mine to redline. I usually dont go past 7,000. (let the flaming begin) but I dont see how you can rev it past 8,000 and not be incurring some additional wear on the engine.

Maybe an engineer can explain if I'm wrong or not but I typically stay below 6,000 with occasional shifts to 7 or 7,500. I still end up at full throttle frequently but just dont wind it all the way up.

If I knew for certain the high revs really didnt cause damage or increase the likelyhood of repairs I'd probably change my ways but I feel like I am increasing the life of this engine and drivetrain.
You're kidding, right? If you don't use the car, then why did you buy it?
By the way, It'll last a lot longer if you don't drive it at all. You'll save on maintenance, also.

I'm an engineer and I rev the piss out of my engine. It was engineered to rev past 8000 rpm. This forum is full of retards.

Dinan compliment of stuff plus PF rotors and RG63s. Enough for now.
Why, yes. I am an abrasive bastard.