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Originally Posted by jmflukeiii View Post
A lot of people are very familiar with cop "hot-spots" in their local cities. And redlining on the freeway is not very hard when you drop a gear to pass, you could do that several times a commute.
Oh I'm sure, I'm just giving my opinion. Everyone on the internet is a tough guy, and saying you redline it all day every day and drive it like you stole it all the time is just stupid.

I didn't say I never redline it either, I do but nowhere near as often as everyone here seems to think is right. I guess I'm not driving my car right, according to some people here, because I should be balls to the wall every day.

Cop "hot-spots" in my area are basically everywhere except on/off ramps to I-95, which even there I've seen them sitting waiting (and have even seen people pulled over for going to fast off the exit). In Germany it wasn't a big deal. You get flashed, get the letter/picture in the mail a month or so later, pay it and move on. No insurance issues and my insurance never went up. I'd prefer to be more careful here in the States and not raise my rates/get points on my license/lose my license just for a quick 10 second thrill in my car. Not to mention I don't trust most other people on the road and I am very careful monitoring other drivers. It's easier to react in my opinion.

Not trying to be a dick, I just think a lot of people here are exaggerating a bit.
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